Our books

Our project is orientated towards an adult public that appreciates illustrations as much as words. All our books have the same format. They are all bound in cloth-covered hardcover. And they all have an embossed cover with the title and authorship, and an iconic image engraved on the back. All contain a unique and exclusive gift. And all are hand-numbered, in a very limited edition of 200 units. Biannual collection.

Kafka’s Friend

by Carlos Ortin, narrated by Alfons Aladreta

Kafka’s Friend (published in October 2022) is a betrayal turned into a book. Alfons Aladreta – a mysterious, intermittent collaborator of the best Levantine subversive culture media -, entered a convent of Carmelitas Calzados for good. But before that, he asked Carlos Ortin – the custodian of all his manuscripts – to destroy them.
Carlos did not follow his command and has published a selection of the best ones in this book, together with his own illustrations. The convent Alfons Aladreta has joined is a secluded one, so we don’t expect him to find out about this betrayal any time soon. By the time this might happen, the print run will be sold out and we will have gone off to continue making books in some legal paradise.
Kafka’s Friend contains 44 stories stolen from Alfons Aladreta, accompanied by 44 illustrations by Carlos Ortin, cultural neglector and winner of the 1999 Spanish National Illustration Award. It also contains a justification of the theft, written and illustrated by Carlos Ortin. Lovingly prefaced by Cristina Durán, winner of the 2019 Spanish National Comic Award.

Two illustrations from the book will be also displayed in the colective exhibition at the Frankfort Book Fair 2022, representing the current Spanish illustration.


by Antonio Soto, illustrated by Nacho Casanova

Sinvivir (published in May 2022) is a collection of short stories by Antonio Soto, illustrated by Nacho Casanova in his tremendously minimalist and poetic style.

The book is an intimate autobiographical review of its author, Antonio Soto, from his earliest memories to recent events, touched by intimate reflections. With agile prose and an impeccable use of language, you will find yourself experiencing unforeseen emotions on more than one occasion. Sinvivir is somewhere between a story and an anecdote, the kind that takes you back to your own childhood, to high school, to your first job. Often absurd or delirious, and always marvellous. Its merit lies in its precision, in the subtle way of telling and making you participate in its experiences.

Foreword by Carlos Ortin, winner of the 1999 Spanish National Illustration award.

Sinvivir has been selected as one of the best books of 2022 by the magazine Esquire Spain. You can read it here.

And two of the illustrations of the book will be displayed in a colective exhibition at the Frankfort Book Fair 2022, representing the current Spanish illustration.

Small Shipwrecks

by Nacho Casanova

Small Shipwrecks (published in October 2021) is a selection of 46 illustrations made over the last five years. They come from the quarterly collaboration that Nacho does for the historic fanzine El Naufraguito, from Barcelona, twice awarded with the prize for Best Fanzine by the International Comic Fair of Barcelona. A few of the images in Small Shipwrecks belong to these back covers, but the vast majority are new proposals based on the same graphic language. The poetic attitudes of the objects that make up his universe make us look around us with new eyes, helping us to find poetry closer than we suspect.

Edited with love and care in a bilingual Spanish/English edition, Small Shipwrecks is the first title of this new publishing project, based in Valencia and with an intimate projection, always related to the world of Valencian illustration. Prologue by Ceferino Galán, publisher of El Naufraguito.

Small Shipwrecks has been selected as one of the best books of 2021 by Esquire and Vanitatis.